Resources for Environmental Risk Management

No business wants to face a pollution loss, but the exposures are real and claims happen.
We can help you establish critical risk management and loss prevention practices to effectively manage your environmental exposures.


Risks associated with any activity must be identified to prevent future losses. Our experienced professionals will work with your organization to identify risks that are inherent with your class of business.


Identified risks are assessed to determine the potential severity of a loss and the probability of occurring. This evaluation is key to determining if the risk is acceptable or requires mitigatio


Whether a risk has been determined to be acceptable or not, in most cases, Environmental Risk Professionals can provide Best Management Practices (BMPs) that are designed to mitigate risks.


Once BMPs have been implemented to mitigate risks, they should be periodically reviewed to determine if they are still applicable and effective. Changes may be necessary and different mitigation measures may be required to manage the risks.